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The works depicted are all in the form of printmaking, each piece is part of a series titled “Yours”. The series focuses on female sexuality and how women too find pleasure in sex. The motivation for this print series is to represent my own sexual experiences by using myself as the subject. In doing so it shows the honest expression of my inner self.


The concept behind the title “Yours” is that each piece is playing on the idea of ownership to try and reclaim my sexuality as my own. Each individual work is titled a statement that I have said towards men or that they have said towards me. This series of work question the role social media has placed on women, by emulating photos so often seen on social media platforms. As well as contrasting it by creating an overwhelming feeling with the use of imagery, composition and mark-making. Through this print series I aim to redefine female sexuality as exceptionally divine. 


- Leigha Stiles

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