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Artist Statement

Leigha Stiles (b. Pembroke, Ontario) is a multi-disciplinary artist currently working in clothing design and video performance art, while also using oil paint and printmaking. Stiles is a MFA Candidate at the University of Ottawa and a BFAH graduate from Queen’s University. 

Her work explores themes of mental health, the physical representation of mood disorders, and expressive self-portraiture. After going through an episode of psychosis, coupled with a mood disorder and later being diagnosed with epilepsy, she represents her personal experiences. 


Stiles has had her work exhibited in different venues including Gallery 115, Ottawa School of Art, Union Gallery, the Print Pulse 30: Travelling Exhibition, Cezanne’s Closet fundraising event, the Undergraduate Review, the Queen’s Feminist Review and Visio Magazine. 

Artist CV


2024          Master of Fine Arts, University of Ottawa. Ottawa, Ontario.

                  Visual Arts

2018          Bachelor of Fine Art Honours, Queen’s University. Kingston, Ontario.

                  Advanced Printmaking. QU, 2016

                  Paint Media, QU, 2017


Exhibited Works




2023          Hey Sweetheart, Vibes. Matasi Gallery at the Ottawa School of Art, New Direction in Printmaking. Ottawa, Ontario. 

2022          My Mentality, Sad Me. Gallery 115 group exhibition, Fragmented Connections. Ottawa, Ontario.

2019          Raggiana. Union Gallery group exhibition, Re:Union. Kingston, Ontario. 

2019          My Mentality. Kingston Coffee House, Artist of the month. Kingston, Ontario.

2018          (un)wavering. BFA 18 Group Exhibition, (un)titled. Kingston, Ontario.

2018          Yours. Union Gallery group exhibition, Course of Action. Kingston, Ontario.

2018          Vibes. Union Gallery group exhibition, Surface. Kingston, Ontario.

2017          Hey Sweetheart. Print Pulse 30: travelling group exhibition,

                  Arts and Media Lab at the Isabel Bader Centre of performing Arts. Kingston, Ontario.

2016           Blank. Union Gallery group exhibition, Reveal. Kingston Ontario.

2016           Self-y. Union Gallery off-site exhibition, curated by Madeleine Leisk.       

                   Kingston Frameworks, Kingston, Ontario. 





2021           Destinations, Apostasy, Cezanne's Closet, Union Gallery. Kingston, Ontario. 

                   Annual fundraiser for gallery, artwork donated.

2020           Terpenes, Chrontact Cannabis, Ottawa, Ontario. 

                   Four acrylic 3ft x 2ft paintings of terpene chemical compounds.

2016           Art Battle, The Royal Society of Canada, Kingston, Ontario. 

                   Acrylic painting completed in 2hrs.




2020            Yours Series, Visio Magazine volume. 1 issue. 4 

                    Kingston, Ontario. Digital and print magazine.

2020           Organized Chaos, Visio Magazine, volume. 1 issue. 3 

                   Kingston, Ontario. Digital and print magazine.

2020           My Mentality, Visio Magazine, volume. 1, issue. 1 

                   Kingston, Ontario. Digital and print magazine.

2019           Malasia, Show and Tell: The Art of Storytelling. Kingston, Ontario. 17, print.

2017           You like?, Do you like me now?, Does this please you?, How about now?

                   Collective Reflections, Volume 4. Queen’s University, Kingston. 18, 19, 85. Print.

2016           Barn Yard, Before, Bridge of Serendipity, Utopia, and Fairy Spirit

                   Undergraduate Review, Volume 28. Queen’s University, Kingston. 48, 58, 63, 85. Print.



2020            Special Merit Scholarship, University of Ottawa.

2015           Gerald Finley Bursary in Fine Arts, Queen's University

2014           William and Patricia Sheets Memorial Entrance Bursary, Queen's University.

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